Garage DoorsThe Border Canopy Company supplies a wide range of garage doors, ranging from replacing static doors, to fully automated roller doors.

A new automated garage door means you’ll never have to worry about the weather again when it comes to garaging your vehicle, with effortless remote systems providing the ultimate statement in both style and technology.

The range of smart and stylish garage doors also save you space, as there is no need for cumbersome mechanisms, and the doors can be operated from a close proximity with no need to leave large amounts of space in front of the doors whilst you wait to enter or exit your garage.

Garage DoorsA strong and durable automated garage door also offers the ultimate solution when it comes to safety and security with heavy duty, anti-lift devices which prevent the door from being opened by potential criminals. In the unlikely event of electric mains failure, the motor has a built-in override facility allowing the garage doors to be operated manually. As is the case with every product we supply you can count on a build standard and installation service that disappoints our competitors, but not our customers.

If you are happy with your current garage door and don’t want to replace it. We do offer a number of garage door operators to convert your current garage door and make it fully automated.