Garage Door OperatorsThey supply and fit a wide selection of the highest quality garage door operators on the market today. Working with the leading manufacturers in this technology ensures they can offer the latest state of the art technology at value for money prices and maintain a reputation for the highest standards and quality in both products and service.

A flexible operator head makes the garage door operators suitable for almost any garage configuration. Manufactured to fit garage doors of all shapes and sizes. These garage door operators can be added to slightly older or new garage doors, light or heavyweight, standard size or bespoke garage doors and will create a stunning look to your home. Efficient, effortless and incredibly quiet in operation this technology requires less space, no maintenance and is user friendly. With the added benefit of being so much more secure than standard garage doors and having one of the safest operating systems in the world means more peace of mind for you.
For added piece of mind, ask them about the Marantec battery back-up option for periods of unexpected power outages.


Garage Door OperatorsThey offer various options for installation, i.e. standard electrical supply or the battery and solar powered option for an alternatively sourced energy supply, to name but a few. These garage door systems have a highly sensitised and reliable mechanism to ensure the protection of any person or object, immediately stopping and reversing its process to safeguard a person or object obstructing the path of the door.

A release system is in place in case of any power cuts and for those garages without a second access an additional release system. An electronically monitored push-open security device and self-locking gears on the operator are in place to prevent unauthorised access. Long lasting LEDs and energy-saving systems all add to overall the quality of the garage door operator system and are just some of the many reasons that they are happy to recommend and install these customer friendly, market leading property solutions. So why not give your property a lift with a market leading, electronically operated, and aesthetically stunning, door system from them.