Garage Door FAQs

What type of garage doors do you offer?

We can offer most types of garage door, but the most popular and the main type we install, is the vertical Roller Shutter style.

Are the doors standard sized?

Yes and No, the Roller Shutter doors are made to measure, but, up and over and sectional doors can be obtained in certain standard sizes and some models can be made to measure.

How much are the doors?

Without the required site visit and survey(Free service), your colour/finish choice and any other options being chosen, its impossible to say what a door would cost. As part of our site visit and survey, we provide a no obligation quotation for the whole job.

What colour/finish options are available?

Our roller shutter doors are available in around 18 colours, please see the Roller door PDF link on this site for the door brochure. Other types of doors have a more limited choice of finishes.

How long does it take to fit?

Normally a single or double width garage door can be installed in one day. If two single doors are required, it may be done in one day but may run into a second day. We will however always leave your garage secure overnight, until the installation is complete.

Are the doors Manually operated or electrically remote controlled?

All of our Roller Shutter doors are electrically remote controlled, but they are supplied with an external secure manual override or an internal manual override, for times of power outage. Other doors can be either manual or electrically operated dependant on door type.

What guarantee is given?

The Roller Shutter doors come with a Limited 10 year finish Guarantee, 5 Year motor Guarantee and 2 years on all other parts. Other door types have varying guarantees from 1 year up to 10 years depending on door type and finish.

What happens to our old door?

We will remove from site, all debris relating to the installation, including the old door.

Awnings FAQs

Are your range of awnings standard sized?

No, all of our Awnings from Weinor in Germany are made to measure.

Are the Awnings manually operated or electrically remote controlled?

We can offer both options depending on size and model type.

What colour and fabric options are available?

In our Weinor range, we offer 47 standard colours and 9 trend (metalic style- scratch resistant) colours, for the Aluminium casing, arms and brackets. We can however special order a colour in any RAL no if you require it to match something else on your property. The fabric range extends to a total of 155 pattern/colour options.

How long does the installation take?

We can normally fit an awning in one day, but this depends on any additional work required on the specific property where the awning is to be fitted. We would advise you of this at our free site visit and survey.

What guarantee do the awnings have?

All of our awnings come with a full 2 year warranty.

Car Ports FAQs

What material are the carports made from?

Most of our carports are made from Aluminium, in a powder coated finish. The roof panels are Polycarbonate(similar to most conservatories).

Do we need permission to put one up?

Most Carports can be erected without permission, as they are not classed as a permanent structure. As there are no walls around the outer edge. This means they can be fitted up to some boundary walls and fences again without permission. You will however need Planning consent in a conservation area. A Call to you local planning department will confirm your local rules.

Can I fit one as a patio canopy?

Yes. We have fitted one or two for customers who wish to have a sitting out area protected from the weather.

What colours is the frame and roof panels?

The frame is normally white or brown. Other colours can be specially ordered on request and at additional cost subject to approval by the manufacturer. The roof panels are available in Opal(white), Clear and bronze 16mm polycarbonate. 6mm clear plate polycarbonate is available in restricted sizes and at extra cost.

What guarantee is given?

We give a ten year guarantee on the structure and a limited 5 year guarantee on the polycarbonate panels(this does not cover the ingress of water or moisture into the polycarbonate cavities).

How long does it take to fit?

This depends on the preparation work required for each individual installation. We often have to create concrete pads for the legs to bolt down onto. These would be done several days before installation of the unit. The unit can in most cases, be fitted in one day, again depending on the size and type of Carport.

How does the water drain away from the roof? Does it have a guttering system with down pipes?

The main type of unit we use, has an integrated guttering system as part of the front eaves beam, with the legs being the downpipes. The water from the roof area can either be directed towards a drain or be allowed to soak away into nearby soil. We can however configure alternative arrangements to meet the customers own requirements.

How do you work out the price?

We offer a free site visit and survey, to allow us to provide you with a detailed no obligation quotation.